Radiation Therapist


In hospitals and cancer clinics, radiation therapists are key members of the cancer treatment team. More than half of all cancer patients receive radiation treatments, which may be given in conjunction with other forms of treatment.
Radiation therapists use focused beams of radiation to destroy tumours, while minimizing harm to healthy tissues. Alternatively, treatment may involve placing radioactive sources directly into the patient's body.

To destroy cancerous tissue, radiation therapy involves exposure to higher doses of radiation than are required for diagnostic imaging. It is therefore vital that the radiation be precisely targeted and the dose to the patient be carefully monitored.

The radiation therapist plays another important role - counseling patients on possible side effects from treatment and providing advice on how to minimize them.

As part of their professional duty, radiation therapists:

  • EXPLAIN procedures
  • COMFORT patients
  • ANSWER questions as fully as possible
  • PLAN radiation treatments
  • POSITION the patient and equipment correctly
  • ENSURE proper radiation handling and protection techniques are followed
  • ADMINISTER radiation treatments
  • MONITOR patients during procedures
  • PROVIDE emotional support
  • CONTRIBUTE to patient education


$42,000 - $85,000


Math 40S
Physics 40S
Biology 40S
Chemistry 40S


Cancer Care Manitoba http://www.cancercare.mb.ca/home/

Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists http://mamrt.olasoft.com/

University of Winnipeg https://uwinnipeg.ca/academics/calendar/docs/rt.pdf

Red River College http://me.rrc.mb.ca/Catalogue/ProgramInfo.aspx?RegionCode=WPG&ProgCode=MEDRF-DP



Univseristy of Winnipeg and Cancer Care Manitoba

The School of Radiation Therapy at CancerCare Manitoba has been training radiation therapists for over 60 years in the unique requirements necessary to provide this specialized care.

CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) is pleased to participate in a diploma/degree program with The University of Winnipeg that builds on the educational programming that CCMB offers while providing the broader educational programming that a University can provide.


The four year program includes the following:

Year One:

 Specific university/college courses are required to be successfully completed before applying for entry into Year Two of the Radiation Therapy program. These courses can be taken at The University of Winnipeg, or at any accredited educational college or university that is recognized by The University of Winnipeg. Potential candidates apply through The University of Winnipeg for entry into Year Two of Radiation Therapy programming.


Years Two- Three:

 After the selection process is complete, students are registered in the Radiation Therapy diploma/degree program. Programming for Years Two-Three is offered through CCMB in dedicated classroom space adjacent to CCMB’s main site located near Health Sciences Centre. Clinical education is provided at the main site with additional (limited) opportunity through the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre in Brandon.


Year Four:

 Students complete the requirements for a diploma through CCMB, enabling access to the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists national certification exams (accreditation currently under review). Additional courses offered through The University of Winnipeg will complete their 4 year Science degree in Radiation Therapy and enable access to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists as well as other career and educational opportunities




Red River College
Radiation Medical Technology

  • Two-year diploma
  • August entry date
  • Notre Dame Campus in Winnipeg and several clinical training hospitals
  • Clinical work experience
  • Nationally accredited by the Canadian Medical Association
  • Graduates are eligible to challenge the national exams of the CAMRT 
  • Due to high demand, this program is open to Manitoba residents only. Applications received from non-Manitoba residents for this program will be cancelled and the application fee will not be refunded.