Home For The Summer Program

"I had a summer rich in learning opportunities and inter-professional experiences with the wonderful staff at the Bethesda Regional Health Centre. They exemplified patient centered care and created a working environment where going the extra mile for their patients was the norm." 

"The Home for the Summer Program has given me experiences beyond what I would have gotten at my usual summer job. I feel more prepared and less nervous for my clinical placement this year because of the learning experiences I was able to have through the program."

There Is No Place Like Home- Doctors Manitoba Article

If this sounds like you then you need to let us know that you want to come home for the summer to work. We will work with the local Regional Health Authority that you call home to arrange an educational work placement that reflects your current field of study and a future HR need for the region.

Typical positions will include a project that adds to the knowledge of the region about recruitment & retention. The placement will provide students with hands on experience both in the hospital environment and with patient interactions.

Sample placements include (but not limited to):

  • Pharmacy Student worked as Pharmacy Technician.
  • Nursing student shadowed postpartum home visits and school based immunization clinic to increase understanding and knowledge about Public Health nursing and nursing in the community.
  • Medical Student worked in the role of Direct Care Program Worker.

It will be the responsibility of the region to fulfill all duties as employer. Therefore, the specific Regional Health Authority makes all hiring decisions and is the active supervisor. The duration of the position will be within the range of 5 – 16 weeks, and will reflect your level of education. ($12 – 20/hour). Space is limited. All that apply may not be accepted.

Students are requested to forward the following details:

  1. Student name & contact information Area of study (health program student is currently enrolled in)
  2. Program length and anticipated year of graduation
  3. Where is the training location? (Institution, City/Prov)
  4. Hometown
  5. Date you are able to begin summer work.
  6. Salary Expectation

HFTS- Nursing & Allied Health Application Form
HFTS- Medical Student Application Form

Home For The Summer Medical Student Handbook

Requests should be emailed to:

For more information please contact:
Manitoba's Office of Rural & Northern Health (ORNH)

Wayne Heide

Unit D - 101 1st Avenue NW
Dauphin, MB R7N 1G8
Phone: 204-622-6210


"Home for the Summer Program was a great way to spend my summer. I was able to have the opportunity to return home for the summer, work and gain valuable experience related to my studies" -- S. Webb

Projects- Home For The Summer 
Nursing & Allied Health Students

Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority
Northern Health Region
Southern Health-Santé Sud
Prairie Mountain Health

Case Reports

2017 Med Students

Examination of the Beausejour Health Center Emergency Room Demographics and Scope of Triage Status Received

Refractory Trigeminal Neuralgia: Is Botulinum the Answer?

Retrospective Chart Review of Antibiotic Usage for Urinary Tract Infections at Selkirk General Hospital

Comparing Ketofol Vs Other Induction Agents For Procedural Sedation at Portage Hopsital

Summary and Analysis of IRHA Immunization Mapping Project

Community Hospital or Regional site – Differences and Challenges in Rural Medicine

Rethinking First Line Therapy in Servere Type 2 Diabetes

Faith vs Disease: The Burdon of Chronic Illness in the Life of AW

Case Report New Onset Atrial Fibrillation in the Very Elderly
Presumed anaphylaxis to Hydrochlorothiazide in a 67 year old female with known sulphonamide allergy
Deloraine's Community Cancer Program- Saving Lives, Time & Money
Immunizations In Notre Dame De Lourdes
Effect of Distance to Primary Care Provider on Patient Healtcare Satisfaction
Gimli Emergency Room: Patient Use and Understanding
Pertussis in the Southern Health Sante Sud Region
Pain Control After Spinal Surgery After Using a "Cocktail" of Local Anesthesia
Analysis of the Parkland Residency Program Graduates' Initial and Current Practice Locations from 1992-2017 AND Theoretical Effectiveness of the Brandon Longitudinal Clerkship Program
Childhood Immunization Status at Agassiz Medical Centre
Assessment of the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseas in a Rural Family Practice Using the Framingham Risk Score

2016 Med Students

Case Report- Rural Family Medicine Management of a Pulmonary Embolism in a Geriatric Patient with Chronic Diseases

Case Report- Evaluating Perceptions of Access to Health Care Providers

Case Report- Whipple's Procedure and Esophagectomy Audit

Case Report- Birth Stories of Hollow Water

Case Report- Outpatient Oxford Knee Arthroplasty

Case Report- Lac Du Bonnet Medical Group Walk-In Patient Survey

Case Report- Physician Perspective on Local Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

Case Report- Mental Health Care in the North

Case Report- Retrospective Chart Review of Antibiotic Administration in Sepsis

Case Report- S:Care of the Elderly

Case Report- Physician Location Following Completion of Rural or Northern Residency Programs

Case Report- Applying the New Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations

Case Report- Hospitals of the IERHA

Case Report- Polypharmacy in Geriatrics

Case Report- Harm Reduction In The Pas & Flin Flon

Case Report- Family Physicians & Their Role In Treating Skin Tumors

Case Report- PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer at Western Medical Clinic

Case Report- Evaluating Adherence to Manitoban Pre-Op Testing Guidelines

Case Report- Non-Fusion Fixation of the Lumbar Spine: 8 Years Later...

Case Report- Assessing Point of Care HIV Testing as Part of HIV Screening at Delivery in the Northern Health Region

Case Report- Community- Initiated Physician Recruitment in Rural Manitoba

Case Report- Diabetes: An Epidemic In Manitoba and Canada

Case Report- Respiratory Distress in a 15-Month Old

Case Report- Initial Treatment and Prognosis of an Elderly Male with a Traumatic Head Injruy

Case Report- Clinic Efficiency At The Pine Falls Health Complex

Case Report- Determine Patient Flow & Institutional Factors Affecting Patient Flow Through The Emergency Department