From Education to Sustainability

Manitoba’s Office of Rural and Northern Health (ORNH) was established in 2002 to address long-term recruitment and retention issues in rural and northern Manitoba in all health professions.  The ORNH takes a big picture approach and implements initiatives at all phases of the training cycle to encourage rural and northern individuals to consider careers in health care, complete some or all of their training in rural and northern sites and ultimately choose to work and live in rural and northern Manitoba.


To provide Manitoban's with leadership and programming related to education, recruitment and retention of health care professionals in rural and northern Manitoba communities.


To play a key role in assisting health regions in Manitoba increase the number of health care professionals who choose rural and northern Manitoba as a place to live and practice their professions by targeting rural and northern students interested in health care careers as well as health care professionals practicing in rural and northern Manitoba.

  • Rural Medicine Advocate
  • Expand Rural CME Opportunities
  • Increase Rural Exposures
  • Develop financial Supports