Summary of Findings

  • Our data shows that where medical students come from and where they complete their training (UGME and PGME) all have an effect on where they might establish their medical practice.
  • Out-of-province medical students coming to Manitoba are most likely to leave the province after their UGME training.
  • In the past 20 years, of the students with known residence location at time of application to medical school, only 36% out-of-province students stayed in Manitoba for PGME, and 4% chose to practice in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba retains just under half of the medical students it enrolls in UGME (51% at 2-years post-training, 47% at 5-years post-training, and 44% at 10-years post-training). This is a better retention rate than Saskatchewan, comparable to Alberta, but not as high as British Columbia or Ontario.
  • Location of PGME has a better correlation with physician retention than UGME training alone. Manitoba sees better retention rates (63% 2-years post-training, 55% 5-years post-training, and 50% 10-years post-training), compared to UGME only.
  • Completing both UGME and PGME in the same province has the highest correlation with retaining those physicians, and this is true for every province. Manitoba sees retention rates of 73%, 65%, and 58% for 2-years, 5-years and 10-years post-training, respectively.
  • Manitoba’s retention rates of IMGs is similar to CMGs, losing nearly equal proportions of IMGs to other Canadian provinces as the proportions they retain 10-years after training them. In terms of retention, Manitoba has the highest retention rates among older IMGs who specialize in family medicine.

So now we know … what now?

  • Study presented to the Dean and other med school representatives in September of 2011
  • November 2011 Student Retention Working Group formed by Dean of Medicine
  • December 2011 – smaller working group meets and makes recommendations back to larger group
  • January 2012 – larger groups receives and ratifies recommendations

So What’s Happening?

  • Reduction of the 10% out of province reservation for out-of-province students to 5%
  • Target 70% Manitoba UGME students and Manitoba residents for the CaRMS match process (same percentage of U of M students surveyed who responded their first choice would be to stay in Manitoba for residency)
  • Faculty office will apply a weighting to all departments’ CaRMS selections
  • Focus IMG program on those settled in Manitoba
  • Focus the Canadians Studying Abroad initiative on Manitoba's studying abroad
  • More communication and promotion to students about the strengths of staying within Manitoba for residency
  • More communication with students about the CaRMS process in order to minimize those trying to game the system
  • 2013 CaRMS Match resulted in approximately 70% retention of U of M UGME's to U of M Residencies.