Health Regions

Part of the challenge of recruiting and retaining Health Care Professionals in rural and northern communities is helping them adjust to a new and sometimes foreign lifestyle.  Keeping this in mind, the ORNH encourages communities to keep connected to students at all levels of training. 

Some of the programs that the ORNH promotes include: 

Home For the Summer Program

Research has shown that persons who originate from rural or northern regions have a higher tendency to return to similar locations when it comes time to start their career.  The ORNH agrees to fund a number of placements for summer students throughout the province.  This is a great way to encourage local students to come home for the summer and see what it will be like to live and work in their home communities.  Students must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary health training program (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) Placement is limited so connect with us early to accommodate your summer students.

Distributed Medical Education

Throughout rural Manitoba we are developing and enhancing programs to building site capacity for distributed education placements in collaboration with communities and Regional Health Authorities.  Distributed Medical Education


Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities are plentiful in rural and northern regions of Manitoba.  Each region has a comprehensive list of current openings.  We have listed them for job seekers in a very convenient location go to Employment Opportunities to explore a career that will suit your lifestyle.