High School Students

What can the ORNH do for high school students?  Our goal is to provide a variety of supports ranging from; information on careers in rural and northern healthcare, keeping them linked to rural and northern Manitoba and identifying financial resources to assist them with their education.  Finally, we need to continually be working with students to identify any barriers they may experience that could prevent them from pursuing a career in rural or northern healthcare.

The ORNH has participated in a number of career forums for high school students.  These included the career day at the Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, participation in Discovery Days; a one day forum at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine that allows selected high school students from throughout Manitoba to explore a career in the health care sector. 

As well as,  the Parkland Career & Job Fair in Dauphin.  The office annually attends the Brandon Career Symposium in Brandon. 

The ORNH is always looking for ways to connect to students so if you are aware of student forums or opportunities for the office to present to students please contact the office and we will do our best to fit the event into our schedule.

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High School Students Introduction from ORNHcareers

Exploring Health Careers Career X.

Job Shadowing

Promoting Rural/Northern Health Careers All Year

Job shadowing is a motivating activity designed to give kids the unique opportunity of an up-close look at the world of work and provide answers to commonly asked question.

Job Shadowing is an opportunity for students to connect with professionals who have specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which the student shows an interest. A job shadow provides first hand awareness of responsibilities and tasks associated with the mentor’s career. While the purpose of a job shadow is to gather career related information and expand networking contacts, participants also become aware of trends in the field and see workforce technologies in action. Each participant gains unique benefits from job shadowing.

For Students, Job Shadowing…

  • Provides answers: “Why do I have to learn this?” and “Would I want to make this job a career?”
  • Provides insight: Students observe not only job characteristics and responsibilities, but also what each profession requires on a day-to-day basis
  • Lets students learn first-hand: Working with professionals, the people who know best, students see what it takes to be successful.

Job Shadow Mentors prepare the future workforce by:

  • Showing students different career possibilities
  • Demonstrating a tangible commitment
  • Sharing a feeling of on the job satisfaction
  • Promoting potential long-term relationships

The ORNH helped arrange a number of experiences, some examples of job shadowing include:  Students visited Dauphin, Brandon, Grandview and Boundary Trails Health Centre where they explored various health careers such as Medicine & Nursing. One young lady from Morden stated that the experience motivated her to continue to pursue her interest in Medicine. “It really motivated me to continue pursing a career as a physician. I think that I would enjoy treating patients and help them to overcome their health problems”. After spending a day on the Labour & Delivery floor at the Brandon Hospital a grade 12 student from Killarney Collegiate said that the experience definitely increased her understanding of the nursing profession.

"I got to see just how much personal involvement is involved; I loved it!"

"It was very special to witness a birth".

Students complete a formal request form, and then upon receipt the ORNH arranges by way of numerous connections, a suitable place & time. Based on how much time the potential host has available -- and how willing she is to participate -- one can ask to shadow for a few hours, a day or even a week. Although there are numerous factors that make job shadowing possible. Overall, a job shadow opportunity is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Health Career Quest Summer Camp


  • EXPLORE different health career opportunities by participating in various tours, presentations and hands-on activities
  • EXPERIENCE a variety of age appropriate social activities in an urban setting
  • OBSERVE health careers and how health teams interact in an urban setting
  • DEVELOP or improve life skills required for educational success
  • RECEIVE personal prerequisite and career planning advice and information.  Also, receive a student mentor in your chosen field of study
  • IMPROVE basic math, science and English skills through a specifically tailored remediation plan for each student.  Also, improve interpersonal, communication and leadership skills

Email us to receive updates about the next Health Career Quest Summer Camp.