The Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program is modeled after several health career mentorship programs at various universities within the United States.  The program was developed by Edward Tan, with the help of Mr. Wayne Heide of MB Healthcare Providers Network.  What started as a 3 week rural medicine exposure trip for three aspiring medical students (Edward, Gordon, and Sunny), has now been turned into a yearly program which is the first of its kind in Manitoba.  Based on their positive experience on their trip, they now work in conjunction with various health personnel in Manitoba to develop a program where interested students can shadow physicians during their daily routines and run the program the following semester as a coordinator.  

2014/2015 Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program

  • Melissa Bulloch
  • David Fuss
  • Mychele Gregoire
  • Sarah Hancox
  • Meghan Higgins
  • Sandhini Lockman
  • Bhanu Pilli
  • Nicole Rosteski
  • Roberta Shoenfield

2015/2016 Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program

  • Shane Nicholls
  • Monica Sharma
  • Kelly Cook
  • Diane Bosc
  • Kirsten Kettler
  • Lenina Howatt
  • Marie-Claire Arentsen
  • Tori McConnell
  • Graham Maddaford

2016/2017 Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program

  • Parisa Selseleh
  • Harley Bray
  • Evana Popovich
  • Louise Oborne
  • Sydney Chochinov
  • Derek Oryniak
  • Ryan Bisignano
  • Andrew Pierce
  • Nolan Turnbull
  • Shoenfield

2017/2018 Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program

  • Akosua Bonsu
  • Maziar Fazel-Darbandi
  • Amber Fryza
  • Kandace Law-Quon
  • Jessica Levi
  • Mackenzie Loucks
  • Zenia Michno
  • Meriam Salih
  • Jia Ming Tan

2018/2019 Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program

  • Lucas Mosienko
  • Chantel Lim
  • Alexandra Mackay
  • Alexis Jameson
  • Bekelu Negash
  • Catherine Griffin
  • Hunter Goodon
  • Liam Thompson
  • Melanie Medina

Successful Applicants

Before beginning their rotations all students must complete the necessary forms, which include Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) form, criminal record check, and job shadowing policy forms. 

The program consists of a week of actual rotations, during which, students devote approximately 35-45 hours attending clinical and non-clinical rotations.  In the clinical rotations, students engage in a variety of activities with their mentors, which include, but are not limited to: attending rounds, observing patients, interacting with health professionals and staff in a clinical setting, accompanying mentor to surgery, and sitting-in on consultations.  Students may shadow adult, pediatric, and specialty physicians.  Students have the opportunity to gain insight into the professional life of the various healthcare workers as well as acquire non-clinical exposure in the field of healthcare administration.  There is no cost associated with participating in this program other than transportation to the designated site and food costs for the week. 

Students will complete their rotations in groups of two or three.  For more information feel free to contact the MB Healthcare Providers Network Office.  Upon completion of the program, students will be required to meet with coordination committee.  At this time students will discuss their experiences and have the opportunity to make suggestions on how to improve the program for the upcoming year.  


In order for this program to remain functioning, the Rural Manitoba Health Mentorship Program is created as a self-perpetuating program. A few of the selected students are expected to participate as coordinator(s) of the subsequent year of the program, supporting and guiding the new students.  The chosen coordinator(s) must manage the program for the up coming year. This involvement requires interaction with hospital/clinic directors, faculty, and staff. They must also try to improve the program and envision new directions for the program.

Each year three new coordinators are chosen to keep this program running. A contract has been created in order to inform those interested in this role about the many commitments entailed by the coordinators. Below is a sample of the contract which all coordinators are required to sign which may aid your decision as to whether this role and its commitments are attainable for you.

Coordinator Agreement