Visit Coordinator

  • The Visit Coordinator is an integral part of the Rural Week experience.
  • The Visit Coordinator is the link between community, preceptors, educators and program organizers.
  • The Visit Coordinator is typically the first person students correspond with.
  • Check out the information sheet for your community, if changes are required let us know immediately (

Download your copy of the Visit Coordinator Guide: Rural Week 2020

Visit Coordinator Evaluation of Rural Week

Well in advance of Rural Week, Visit Coordinators will make accommodation arrangements for the students. Students have been placed in a variety of accommodation types. Some suggestions include cabins, B&B's, private homes, student residences and local hotels. Communities will be reimbursed $55/night per student.

Students will be spending much of their time in clinics and may or may not have time or facility to prepare meals. The Visit Coordinator is asked to provide students with a list outlining available resources for meals. Restaurant location, hours of operation & deals where available.

Students are provided a $25 per diem meal allowance.

Visit Coordinators work with preceptors to arrange students clinic schedules to includes extra curricular activities that showcase their communities highlights. The sky is the limit! Golfing, fishing, hiking, canoeing or a community tour; this is a great opportunity to share the things that makes your community unique. The Visit Coordinator makes all of this possible.

The students expect an attempt will be made to organize an informal information session at the local high school to discuss careers in medicine with interested students.  Please make arrangements with local high school as soon as possible.  Presentation material is available in advance through Manitoba’s Office of Rural & Northern Health.

Organizers will provide the visit coordinator & preceptors with detailed student profiles that include professional & extracurricular interests, special needs & visit expectations. Profiles will be forwarded in March.


Ashley Shaw, Rural Week Program Assistant
Phone: 1-866-244-6764